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This study presents a comprehensive investigation of res across the Canadian boreal forest zone by means of satellite-based remote sensing. A re-detection algorithm was designed to monitor res using daily Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) images. It exploits information from multichannel AVHRR measurements to determine the locations of res on(More)
This paper evaluates annual re maps that were produced from NOAA-14/AVHRR imagery using an algorithm described in a companion paper (Li et al. Burned area masks covering the Canadian boreal forest were created by composit-ing the daily maps of re hot spots over the summer and by examining Normalized DiOE erence Vegetation Index (NDVI) changes after burning.(More)
As deep water uptake is limited by the low densities of fine roots at the subsoil layer at high evaporative demand, hydraulic redistribution (HR) is another possible mechanism that could account for the lack of water stress experienced by desert riparian phreatophytes during dry periods. The objectives of this study were to search for evidence that the(More)
The need for environmental protection challenges societies to deal with difficult problems because strategies designed by scientists to protect the environment often create negative effects on impoverished local residents. We investigated the effects of China's national and regional policies related to environmental protection and rehabilitation projects in(More)
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