Zongxiao Zhu

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The trouble of freight car detection system (TFDS) is a popular application in Chinese railway today. In this paper, the discrete-point sampling model is further developed to locate potential fault regions in the photos taken by the TFDS. The discrete-point sampling model not only contains the image’s region boundary information and region information, but(More)
This paper initially develops the discrete-point sampling operator's concept, model, and parameters that we have previously proposed, and makes its belt-shaped regions in a discrete-point sampling map more salient and appropriate for centerline extraction. The cross-sectional features of these belt-shaped regions are then analyzed and seven types of feature(More)
The component classification and potential fault region locating in the full-automatic inspection system of a freight train require a computer vision method with the ability of classifying quickly and locating precisely, addressing anti-nonlinear deformations, and being able to perform extensible learning. Inspired by these requirements, this paper(More)
This paper describes the detailed process required to accomplish the printed Yi optical character recognition, including pretreatment, feature extraction and pattern classification. The arithmetic of Yi multifont’s feature extraction, the arithmetic of recognition  required for dictionary building and the arithmetic of multilevel Yi(More)
Extracting and delineating curvilinear structure is important for many applications. However, most of the existing algorithms cannot meet the real-time processing requirement. This paper presents a novel method for fast curvilinear structure extraction and delineation from TFDS-3 line-scan images using multi-scale yin-yang discrete-point computing, which(More)
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