Zongxiang Chen

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Rice tillering is an important agronomic trait for grain production. The HIGH-TILLERING DWARF1 (HTD1) gene encodes an ortholog of Arabidopsis MAX3. Complementation analyses for HTD1 confirm that the defect in HTD1 is responsible for both high-tillering and dwarf phenotypes in the htd1 mutant. The rescue of the Arabidopsis max3 mutant phenotype by the(More)
The indica rice cultivar, Teqing, shows a high level of resistance to rice stripe virus (RSV). It is believed that this resistance is controlled by the gene, qSTV11 TQ . For positional cloning of the resistance gene, a set of chromosome single segment substitution lines (CSSSLs) was constructed, all of which had the genetic background of the susceptible(More)
BACKGROUND MicroRNAs (miRNAs) is a class of non-coding RNAs involved in post- transcriptional control of gene expression, via degradation and/or translational inhibition. Six-hundred sixty-one rice miRNAs are known that are important in plant development. However, flowering-related miRNAs have not been characterized in Oryza rufipogon Griff. It was approved(More)
Sheath blight (SB), caused by Rhizoctonia solani kühn, is one of the most serious global rice diseases. No major resistance genes to SB have been identified so far. All discovered loci are quantitative resistance to rice SB. The qSB-11LE resistance quantitative trait locus (QTL) has been previously reported on chromosome 11 of Lemont (LE). In this study, we(More)
Seed dormancy has been associated with red grain color in cereal crops for a century. The association was linked to qSD7-1/qPC7, a cluster of quantitative trait loci for seed dormancy/pericarp color in weedy red rice. This research delimited qSD7-1/qPC7 to the Os07g11020 or Rc locus encoding a basic helix-loop-helix family transcription factor by intragenic(More)
The major QTL-qSB-9(Tq) conferring partial resistance to rice (Oryza sativa L.) sheath blight (Rhizoctonia solani Kühn) has been verified on chromosome 9 of the indica rice cultivar, Teqing. In this study, the prospect of this QTL utilized in molecular breeding program of japonica rice for sheath blight resistance was investigated. Most of the japonica rice(More)
Nowadays switch mode power supplies (SMPSs) have already widely adopted fully digital control. The paper proposes a concise and effective data transmission protocol based on the multi- resolution feedback method (MRFM) in the application of multiple isolated power supplies. The MRFM can compress sampling data of the 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between the polymorphisms of leptin receptor gene and hypertension. METHODS Meta analysis was conducted by using RevMan 5.3. Relevant literatures were retrieved by searching PubMed using the keywords "Hypertension", "Leptin Receptor", "OB Receptor", "LEPR Protein". RESULTS Fifteen studies with a total of 5955(More)
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