Zongxi Tang

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A three stages 60GHz low noise amplifier (LNA) is implemented in 90nm CMOS process. An interstage impedance matching technique is adopted to reduce noise figure and improve gain. The LNA, which consists of two common source stages followed by a cascode stage, has a peak gain of 18dB at about 60GHz with a minimum noise figure (NF) of 4.7dB, especially, the(More)
In this paper, open CPW (coplanar wave guide) resonator structure is utilized to measure the complex permittivity of thin film materials. The optimal width of CPW resonator and the metal plane thickness are determined. Quasi-TEM analysis and electromagnetic simulation are adopted. The results show that, high quality factor has been achieved and measurement(More)
In this paper, an X-band negative resistance oscillator based on the active substrate integrated waveguide (ASIW) is proposed. The ASIW is connected to the series feedback circuit to compensate the electromagnetic energy consumed by the resonator. This method is an effective way to improve the quality factor of the resonator and to suppress the phase noise(More)
In this paper, a tunable dual-band bandpass filter using asymmetrical varactor-loaded half-wavelength resonators (HWR) and defected ground structure (DGS) is proposed. First, varactors are added at the end of the conventional HWRs to change their resonant frequencies. And to determine the bandwidth of the passbands, the coupling coefficients are calculated(More)
Two dimensional arrays formed by arranging a number of linear slotted waveguides side-by-side are presented. Theory, synthesis procedure, and implementation of the two dimensional Taylor Slot Array are demonstrated. The performances of the two dimensional Taylor Slot circular array with 972 slots in the ka-band at the center frequency of 30 GHz are(More)
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