Zongwu Tang

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We experimentally demonstrate wavelength conversion in the 2 µm region by four-wave mixing in an AsSe and a GeAsSe chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers. A maximum conversion efficiency of −25.4 dB is measured for 112 mW of coupled continuous wave pump in a 27 cm long fiber. We estimate the dispersion parameters and the nonlinear refractive indexes of the(More)
Peak temperature, local hotspots, and thermal gradients became critical issues with higher localized current densities resulting from the combination of higher performance and further device miniaturization. 3D vertical integration utilizing VIA first/VIA early technologies exacerbated that problem by the interaction of inter-die heat sources and(More)
  • Richard K Brow, F Tang, G Chen, J S Volz, R K Brow, M Koenigstein +56 others
  • 2007
Adhesion and corrosion resistance of enamel coatings on structural steel, " submitted to Interfacial formation of chromate between an SOFC sealing glass and interconnect alloy, " Two-point bend measurements of failure stresses of pristine glass fibers, " submitted to Journal of the American Ceramic Society August 2011. Single pass waveguide amplifiers in(More)
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