Zongshu Shao

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We have experimentally investigated the behavior of extraordinary rays (E rays) in uniaxial crystals for two cases: that in which optical axes are parallel to the surfaces and that in which they are inclined. The E ray always rotates around the ordinary ray (O ray) in the same direction that the crystal rotates around its surface normal. For the case when(More)
The linear and nonlinear optical properties of a new organic dye, trans-4-[p-(N-ethyl-N-ethylamino)-styryl]-N-methyl-pyridinium tris(thiocyanato) cadmates (II), are reported in this paper. When pumped with a picosecond laser at the wavelength range of 850-1200 nm, intense upconversion fluorescence can be obtained. The upconversion efficiencies at different(More)
Passive Q-switching operation has been demonstrated with a class of mixed Nd:Lu(x)Gd(1-x)VO(4) laser crystals. With respect to that obtained with Nd:GdVO(4), the passive Q-switching performance, including threshold, pulse energy, and peak power, was found to be greatly enhanced with the mixed vanadate crystals. The shortest pulse width of 6.2 ns, largest(More)
Received August 11, 2003 We report continuous-wave and actively Q-switched laser performance achieved with Nd:LuVO4 crystal for the 4F(3/2) --> 4I(1/2) transition (corresponding wavelength of 1065.8 nm) under high-power diode pumping. Continuous-wave output power of 12.55 W is obtained with an optical conversion efficiency of 50.2%. In actively Q-switched(More)
In an investigation of extraordinary- (E-) ray behavior and the index of refraction for E waves in a uniaxial crystal, a precise and versatile formula for birefringent filters, based on the exact construction of the optical path difference, is set up with neither the approximation Δn = n(o) - n(e) ≤ (or n(e)), nor the ambiguity sin(θ)sin(r(ω)) = n(e). The(More)
Passive Q-switching performance was found to be greatly improved by use of a new Nd-doped mixed vanadate crystal Nd:Gd0.64Y0.36VO4 compared with that achieved with Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4. At an absorbed pump power of 12 W, an average output power of 2.78 W was obtained at a pulse repetition frequency of 15.4 kHz with an optical conversion efficiency of 23.2%,(More)
We reported a dual-wavelength laser with a ceramic Nd:YAG as laser material and Cr:YAG as frequency selector and saturable absorber. Continuous-wave output power was achieved to be as high as 6.19 W at 1052 nm. With Cr:YAG, the laser has dual-wavelength at 1052 and 1064 nm. The shortest pulse width, maximum pulse energy and highest peak power were 4.8 ns,(More)
A new organic dye, trans-4, 4'-bis(pyrrolidingl) stilbene (BPAS), with large two-photon absorption (TPA) and three-photon absorption (3PA) has been synthesized. The molecular TPA cross section sigma2' at 550-670 nm and the 3PA cross section sigma3' at 720-1000 nm have been measured. The biggest sigma2' and sigma3' was 5.77 x 10(-47) cm4s/photon and 27 x(More)
The continuous-wave (cw) and pulsed laser performances of laser-diode (LD)-end-pumped c-cut Nd:LuVO(4) at 1.06 mum were achieved for the first time. Maximum cw output of 2.35W was obtained. Compared with the cw laser output of a-cut Nd:LuVO(4) crystal, the efficient emission cross-section of the c-cut crystal has been calculated to be 3.24x10(-19)cm(2). The(More)
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