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While outsourcing data to cloud, security and efficiency issues should be taken into account. However, it is very challenging to design a secure and efficient mechanism supporting authorization updates. In this paper, we aim to provide a mechanism supporting authorization updates which only incurs a lightweight cost of authorization updates and meanwhile(More)
Existing data storage schemes bring high storage costs for high storage dependability. To decrease storage costs, we propose a lightweight and dependable data storage scheme based on secret sharing (LDS). Existing schemes need to generate multiple data copies. LDS makes a set of data share a set of secret information. Thus, LDS needs to generate only a(More)
In this paper, a reversible authentication scheme based on prediction-error expansion (PEE) is proposed. Firstly, the compound symbolic chaos sequence as well as image block pixel bits and position-bits are input into a hash function to produce hash-bits. Then exclusive-or operation, between the label-bits taken from the chaos sequence and hash-bits, is(More)
Generally, particle filters need a large number of particles to approximate the posterior for the purpose of ideal effect. Previous methods extract remarkable particles from the particles at time t-1 by nonlinear function. Those methods use the remarkable particles to reduce the number of particles and improve the accuracy of particle filter. However, the(More)