Zongliang Liu

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Protein kinase CK2 (CK2), a ubiquitous serine/threonine protein kinase for hundreds of endogenous substrates, serves as an attractive anticancer target. One of its most potent inhibitors, CX-4945, has entered a phase I clinical trial. Herein we present an integrated workflow combining shape-based virtual screening for the identification of novel CK2(More)
Protein kinase CK2, a serine/threonine kinase, is an attractive therapeutic target for many diseases. Here we described an application of cross-docking based drug design to discover novel and potent CK2 leads. Glide SP was chosen as the most suitable docking approach by comparing four docking protocols through native-docking. Then twenty-four CK2 crystal(More)
OBJECTIVES It is well established that acute pancreatitis (AP) often causes diabetes mellitus. However, whether pre-existing diabetes is associated with the development of AP remains unknown. To clarify the association of pre-existing diabetes and the development of AP, we carried out a meta-analysis of observational studies. METHODS A computerized(More)
Previously we have reported a series of gambogic acid's analogs and have identified a compound that possessed comparable in vitro growth inhibitory effect as gambogic acid. However, their target protein as well as the key pharmacophoric motifs on the target have not been identified yet. Herein we report that gambogic acid and its analogs inhibit the(More)
In this study, to develop a multifunctional targeting nano-carrier drug delivery system for cancer therapy, the novel pH-sensitive ketal based oligosaccharides of hyaluronan (oHA) conjugates were synthesized by chemical conjugation of hydrophobic menthone 1,2-glycerol ketal (MGK) to the backbone of oHA with the histidine as the linker of proton sponge(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide anatomic basis of locations of laryngeal interior structures for laryngeal operating through lateral laryngeal approaches in clinic. METHOD Thirty cadavers laryngeal cartilage specimens (19 male and 11 female) was collected. Using pin pierced method under direct vision to locate the projections of muscle process of arytenoids(More)
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