Zongli Jiang

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The second Chinese glacier inventory was compiled based on 218 Landsat TM/ETM+ scenes acquired mainly during 2006–10. The widely used band ratio segmentation method was applied as the first step in delineating glacier outlines, and then intensive manual improvements were performed. The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission digital elevation model was used to(More)
The assessment of glacier mass budget is crucial for assessing water reserves stored in glaciers. Derived glacier mass changes in the Muztag Ata and Kongur Tagh (MAKT) region in the eastern Pamir, northwestern China, is helpful in improving our knowledge of the dynamics of glaciers under a changing climate in High Mountain Asia. Here, glacier area and mass(More)
In a variety of text classification algorithm, KNN is a competitive one with simple implementation and high efficiency. However, with the expansion of the size of the text, the runtime of KNN will grow rapidly that cannot be afford. In this paper, we improve the KNN by introducing the kd-tree storage structure and reducing the sample space through the(More)
Current search engines have two problems, losing useful information and including useless information. These two problems are aroused by the keyword matching retrieval model, which is adopted by almost all search engines. We introduce the conception of category attribute of a word. According to the category attribute of a word, the useless results can be(More)
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has the characteristics of syndication and aggregation, so each RSS user can subscribe what he needs, and the difference in behavior represents RSS users' individual information needs. In this paper, we concern about RSS user's behavior. According to establish and amend RSS user's individual interest model automatically from(More)
Changes of glaciers and glacial lakes and their causes were examined in the Hengduan Shan from 1990 to 2014, based on Landsat TM/ETM+/OLI images. A total glacier area of 1298.8 ± 62.1 km and glacial lake area of 255.8 ± 31.6 km were inventoried in 2014. The area of glaciers declined at an average rate of −0.40 ± 0.26% a, while glacial lakes expanded at(More)
The social search use social ability to participate in the screening and sorting of search results in order to make the result to tend to reflect the hopes of the people better. Based on the prototype of social search, the concept of user tag feedback scores is employed. Based on this concept, a tag-based feedback web ranking algorithm is designed. The(More)
Feature selection is an important process to choose a subset of features relevant to a particular application in text classification. Based on the mutual information method, we designed variance-mean based feature selection (VM). After computing and ranking the variance of class discrimination value vector for each word, we can choose the most(More)
In order to analyze the closeness of named entities in massive web pages, the word co-occurrence algorithm FDC(frequency, term distance, co-collection ratio) is employed to evaluate the co-occurrence relationships between the named entities by their co-occurrence frequency, relative position and the ratio of co-occurrence among a document. And by employing(More)