Zonglei Zhang

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The synthesis of novel substituted gold(III) tetraarylporphyrins with aqueous solubility has been carried out. The analogs ClAuTPP(CH(3)Py(+)·I(-)), ClAuTCPPNa, ClAuTPPCO(2)Na, ClAuTSPPNa and ClAuTPPNH(2)·HCl were evaluated for their in vitro cytotoxic activity against sarcoma 180 mouse tumor and SGC-7901 human gastric cancer cell line panel. Compound(More)
A novel and practical procedure was developed for the preparation of D-ring unsaturated 17-alkynyl steroids by Pd(PPh(3))(4)/AgOAc-catalyzed coupling of steroidal 17-triflates and alkynes. Firstly treatment of the steroid-17-ones with PhN(Tf)(2) and KHMDS in dried THF at -78 degrees C for 2h gives the corresponding steroidal 17-triflates products in high(More)
A novel and practical procedure was developed for the preparation of steroidal[17,16-d]pyrimidines by chlorotrimethylsilane (TMSCl)-promoted one-pot multicomponent Biginelli-like condensations of steroid-17-ones, urea and aromatic aldehydes. First, treatment of the steroid-17-ones with urea and aromatic aldehydes in dimethylformamide (DMF)/acetonitrile(More)
The efficient synthesis of some 22-alkynyl-13,24(23)-cyclo-18,21-dinorchol-22-en-20(23)-ones was investigated. 22-Iodocyclo-18,21-dinorcholenones were prepared from cyclo-18,21-dinorcholenones using I(2)/DMAP/pyridine system firstly. The cross coupling reaction of 22-iodocyclo-18,21-dinorcholenones and 1-alkynes was carried out efficiently catalyzed by(More)
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