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The state council of China approved national sustainable development strategy for land and natural resources research in the overall plan, presenting "building digital China, monitoring the national geographical conditions, developing geographical information industry, constructing surveying and mapping power Country," 24 character strategy. National(More)
This paper discusses quantitative evaluation of information in remote sensing and GIS data. The formula for calculating information contents of remote sensing imagery are developed, taking into account of signal-noise-ratio (SNR), inter-pixel and cross-band correlations, while information amounts in GIS data are calculated by referring to geometric(More)
Stable imaging of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry system is an important issue that affects the data processing and application of the system. Compared with traditional aerial images, the large rotation of roll, pitch, and yaw angles of UAV images decrease image quality and result in image deformation, thereby affecting the ground(More)
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