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The classical continued fraction is generalized for studying the rational approximation problem on multi-formal Laurent series in this paper, the construction is called m-continued fraction. It is proved that the approximants of an m-continued fraction converge to a multi-formal Laurent series, and are best rational approximations to it; conversely for any(More)
For an ultimately nonperiodic binary sequence s={s/sub t/}/sub t/spl ges/0/, it is shown that the set of the accumulation values of the normalized linear complexity, L/sub s/(n)/n, is a closed interval centered at 1/2, where L/sub s/(n) is the linear complexity of the length n prefix s/sup n/=(s/sub 0/,s/sub 1/,...,s/sub n-1/) of the sequence s. It was(More)
We examine the security of several digital signature schemes based on algebraic block codes. It is shown that Xinmei's digital signature scheme cau be totally broken by a known plaintext attack with complexity O(k3), where t is the dimension of the code used in the scheme. Harn and Wang have proposed a modified version of Xinmei's scheme that prevents(More)