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Given the algebraic expression of the composition of two mappings how can one identify the two components? This is the problem of mapping decomposition, of which the usual function-decomposition problem [8] is a special case. It was believed that this problem is intractable in general. Some public key cryptosystems (PKC) are based on the difficulty of this(More)
The classical continued fraction is generalized for studying the rational approximation problem on multi-formal Laurent series in this paper, the construction is called m-continued fraction. It is proved that the approximants of an m-continued fraction converge to a multiformal Laurent series, and are best rational approximations to it; conversely for any(More)
Let p = ef + 1 be an odd prime for some e and e and let f, be the finite field with F<sub>p</sub> elements. In this paper, we explicitly describe the trace representations of the binary characteristic sequences (of period p) of all the cyclic difference sets D which are some union of cosets of eth powers H<sub>e</sub> in F<sub>p</sub>* (=<sup>&#x0394;</sup>(More)