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As a prevalent type of Web advertising, contextual advertising refers to the placement of the most relevant ads into a Web page, so as to increase the number of ad-clicks. However, some problems of homonymy and polysemy, low intersection of keywords etc., can lead to the selection of irrelevant ads for a page. In this paper, we present a new contextual(More)
In medical information systems, there are a lot of confidential information about patient privacy. It is therefore an important problem how to prevent patient’s personal privacy information from being disclosed. Although traditional security protection strategies (such as identity authentication and authorization access control) can well ensure data(More)
Data privacy and security Encryption Two-phase query Characteristic index a b s t r a c t Rapid advances in the networking technologies have prompted the emergence of the ''software as ser-vice'' model for enterprise computing, moreover, which is becoming one of the key industries quickly. ''Database as service'' model provides users power to store, modify(More)
Time series streams have very wide applications in recent years, more and more scenarios need similarity match in time series streams and it becomes a hot research topic. Due to the fast online arrival and time-critical characteristics, the similarity measure should support handling the variable lengths sequence pairs. Dynamic Time Warping distance suits(More)
The rapid increase of multimedia data makes multimedia query more and more important. To better satisfy users' query requirements, developing a functional multimedia query language is becoming a promising and interesting task. In this paper, we propose a graphical multimedia query language called GMQL, which is developed based on a semi-structured data(More)
As a prevalent type of Web advertising, contextual advertising refers to the placement of the most relevant commercial ads within the content of a Web page, to provide a better user experience and as a result increase the user’s ad-click rate. However, due to the intrinsic problems of homonymy and polysemy, the low intersection of keywords, and a lack of(More)