ZongChao Cheng

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Recently, music retrieval is getting more and more attentions, especially for the query by humming (QBH), which is straightforward and convenient for usage. However, the difference between humming phrase matching and the precision of singer humming increase the difficulty of retrieval. Apart from retrieval precision, retrieval time is another issue should(More)
The development of fuzzy sets may be carried out on a stepwise and offline basis. However, this mechanism doesn't instantly reflect the real situation the fuzzy-based system is processing. Moreover, the intrinsic discontinuity of the stepwise functions usually results in the poor modeling of the processing data. This shortcoming may be removed through(More)
The implementation of nonnegative matrix factorization may simply be carried out on a stepwise basis. However, this mechanism could lead to longer convergence time than that by designing a suitable cost function with additional penalty terms. Moreover, the decomposed matrices do not necessarily reflect the real situation and physical meaning the(More)
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