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In this paper, an adaptive blind calibration method for timing mismatch in time-interleaved ADCs is proposed. A modified correction structure based on Differentiator Multiplier Cascade is presented for error correction. It enables the application of adaptive blind timing estimation, while the adaptive blind estimation method requires the input signal to(More)
To explore the feasibility and clinical value of secondary sentinel lymph node (SSLN) tracing technique in radical gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer (AGC). From January 2009 to June 2011, 247 patients who suffered from gastric angle cancer with metastasis in No. 3 group lymph nodes were divided randomly into groups A and B. Methylthioninium chloride(More)
Distributed anomalous traffic is difficult to detect, since it is simultaneously dispersed in many links and tend to not present any obvious anomalous features in a single link. This paper proposed a multi-scale spatial detection method against distributed stealthy traffic anomaly, it can deploy early-stage detection on key nodes of network. Multi-scale(More)
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