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PURPOSE To investigate whether an adaptive response can be induced in mice which were pre-exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields. MATERIALS AND METHODS Adult male Kunming mice were exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields (RF) at power intensities of 12, 120 and 1200 μW/cm(2) for 1 h/day for 14 days and then subjected to whole body gamma-irradiation.(More)
Exposure of humans simultaneously to microwave and gamma-ray irradiation may be a commonly encountered phenomenon. In a previous study data showed that low-dose microwave radiation increased the survival rate of mice irradiated with 8Gy gamma-ray; however, the mechanisms underlying these findings remain unclear. Consequently, studies were undertaken to(More)
OBJECTIVE To study relationships between serum ferritin and bone metabolism in patients with hip fragility fractures. METHODS This cross-sectional study included 76 postmenopausal women with hip fracture from Feburary 2011 to June 2012. The mean age of the women was (73 ± 10) years (range, 55-93 years) and the mean duration of menstruation was (22 ±(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate antagonistic effect of microwave on hematopoietic damage of mice induced by gamma-ray irradiation. METHODS Male healthy Kunning mice were treated with low dose microwave radiation before exposure to (60)Co gamma-ray irradiation of 8.0 Gy. The 30-day survival rate and average survival time of the mice after the treatment were(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate radiation protection and possible mechanisms of low intensity microwave on gamma-ray exposed mice. METHODS 96 healthy Kunming mice were randomly divided into the following four groups: normal control, microwave (120 microW/cm(2), 900 MHz), gamma-ray irradiation (5 Gy), combined exposure of microwave and gamma-ray (120 microW/cm(2)(More)
This paper considers the problem of estimation for binomial proportions of sensitive or stigmatizing attributes in the population of interest. Randomized response techniques are suggested for protecting the privacy of respondents and reducing the response bias while eliciting information on sensitive attributes. In many sensitive question surveys, the same(More)
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