Zong-You Hou

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In this paper, a 60 V tolerance transceiver with ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection is proposed for FlexRay-based communication systems. The FlexRay transceiver comprises three protective devices, including an over-voltage detector, high-voltage ESD devices, and high-voltage diodes. The over-voltage detector is in charge of detecting bus (BP and BM)(More)
This work presents a FlexRay Transceiver (FRT) used in an in-vehicle network compliant with the latest FlexRay physical layer standards. The proposed FRT utilizes a delay-based mechanism to reduce glitches. Besides, an Over-current Protection (OCP) circuit is included to avoid short-circuit hazard. The proposed is implemented on silicon using a typical 0.18(More)
A flyback control circuit with a primary side output current estimator is designed on chip and analyzed in this investigation. The flyback control circuit plays a key role of lighting systems, where the LED current estimator and the diode conduction period detector are proposed for the accuracy of LED driver control. The LED current estimator generates a(More)
A novel flyback light emitting diode (LED) driver with adaptive switching frequency for smart lighting is proposed in this investigation. Switching loss and severe harmonic distortion of conventional flyback LED drivers when the LED is operating in high switching frequency and high voltage are resolved. The proposed flyback LED driver design auto-adjusts(More)
The computation and monitoring of three key indices, namely, state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), and state of function (SOF) for EV (electrical vehicle) BMS (battery management system) are proposed in this work. Because most of SOC definitions are directly related to nominal capacity, the accuracy of residual capacity is doubtful. Therefore, the(More)
A 2×VDD output buffer for 40 nm CMOS technology nodes is proposed in this investigation featured with slew rate (SR) auto-adjusted by PVTL (process, voltage, temperature, leakage) detection, and particularly leakage compensation mechanism. The output driving current is boosted by turning on extra charging paths and discharging paths when slew rate is(More)
A Bus Driver (BD) controller design is presented in this investigation, where all of the hazard detection and protection required by FlexRay 3.0.1 are integrated and realized, including under-voltage (UV), bus failure, wake-up detection, etc. The required 4-state transition for FlexRay BD control is also carried out to coordinate the interfacing and(More)
A <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$2\times\text{VDD}$</tex-math></inline-formula> output buffer for 40-nm complementary metal&#x2013;oxide&#x2013;semiconductor technology nodes is proposed in this investigation featured with a slew rate (SR) auto-adjusted by process, voltage, temperature, and leakage (PVTL) detection and, particularly, the(More)
A primary-side output current estimator with process compensator for the flyback control circuits is designed and analyzed in this investigation. Flyback control circuits play a key role of smart lighting systems, where LED drivers require a compensator to keep the system stable. The process sensor is in charge of the detection of the chip process corner.(More)
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