Zong-Han Yang

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Minimizing the size of a clock tree is known as an effective approach to reduce power dissipation in modern circuit designs. However, most existing power-aware clock-tree minimization algorithms optimize power on the basis of flip-flops alone, which may result in limited power savings. To achieve a power and timing tradeoff, this paper investigates the(More)
Planar photonics using metasurfaces is of great interest because a metasurface can control the flow of light beyond that attainable with natural materials. The resonance wavelength of a binary-grating metasurface is adjustable by changing the width and thickness of the nanostructure. We propose a novel combination of nematic liquid crystals and a(More)
This paper presents a bio-inspired robot designed to enable transverse ricochetal brachiation. The body of the robot swings under persistent resonant-excitation at a velocity sufficient to allow a leap across large gaps. The design of the robot was inspired by the “cliffhanger challenge” in the popular Japanese entertainment TV show Sasuke.(More)
The extraction efficiency of heavy metals from soils using three forms of gamma poly-glutamic acid (γ-PGA) as the washing agents was investigated. Controlling factors including agent concentrations, extraction time, pH, and liquid to soil ratio were evaluated to determine the optimum operational conditions. The distribution of heavy metal species in soils(More)
Low power design is a crucial issue in modern circuit design. Several techniques have been developed to save power consumption. Of those techniques, the pulsed-latch technologies replace flip-flops with pulsed latches due to smaller capacitance of the latter. Additionally, the clock gating of pulsed-latch circuit, which is called pulser gating, has been(More)
To clarify a driving mechanism for the self-movement of a droplet across hydrophobic textured surfaces in series and to develop applications for a microfluidic device, we report a theoretical model, a microfabrication technique, and experimental measurements. The contact angle of a droplet on a composite surface, the stable surface energy level, and the(More)
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