Zoly J. Koles

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It is pointed out that to restore experimental computed tomography (CT) images which have been blurred by a spatially variant point spread function (PSF), a quadrant symmetry method which simultaneously optimizes storage requirements for the estimated PSFs and computational speed is used. The quadrant symmetry approach required less than 0.579 Megawords of(More)
An indirect method for determining the point-spread-function (PSF) in computed tomography (CT) is described. Unlike experimental techniques in which a resolution phantom is scanned to obtain the system PSF, the approach estimates the parameters of a model which describes the two-dimensional X-ray beam profile at each point as a convolution of the(More)
Image restoration to deblur smoothing caused by the finite-size X-ray beam profile for a simulated computed tomography (CT) system is presented. Three simple image restoration methods are compared when the point-spread-function (PSF) is spatially invariant. In the first restoration method, an iterative least squares solution, regularized with the image norm(More)
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