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1. The effects of mechanical stimulation in the nose, epipharynx, laryngopharynx and tracheobronchial tree, and of chemical irritation of the nasal mucosa, were studied on various somatic and autonomic functions in cats.2. Action potentials were recorded from the diaphragm and rectus abdominis muscles of spontaneously breathing cats, and from the phrenic(More)
Expression of the immediate-early gene c-fos, a marker of neuronal activation was employed in adult anesthetized non-decerebrate cats, in order to localize the brainstem neuronal populations functionally related to sniff-like (gasp-like) aspiration reflex (AR). Tissues were immunoprocessed using an antibody raised against amino acids of Fos and the(More)
The c-fos gene expression method was used to localize brainstem neurons functionally related to the tracheal-bronchial cough on 13 spontaneously breathing, pentobarbitone anesthetized cats. The level of Fos-like immunoreactivity (FLI) in 6 animals with repetitive coughs (170+/-12) induced by mechanical stimulation of the tracheobronchial mucosa was compared(More)
Transient spinal ischemia, a complication associated with aortic cross-clamp may lead to spastic paraplegia. Once fully developed this deficit is permanent. Quantitative histopathological assessments and pharmacological studies show that the ischemic spasticity is secondary to the loss of lumbar GABA and glycinergic inhibitory interneurons. In the present(More)
BACKGROUND In the past few years, computer-based analysis of atomic-force microscopic images has acquired increasing importance for studying biomolecules such as DNA. On the one hand, fully automated methods do not allow analysis of complex shapes; on the other hand, manual methods are usually time consuming and inaccurate. The semiautomated approach(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to compare the effects of different power densities of LLLT at 635 and 670 nm achieving a daily dose of 5 J/cm(2) on wound tensile strength (TS) in rats. BACKGROUND DATA Optimal parameters of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) are still unknown. MATERIALS AND METHODS Under general anesthesia, one full-thickness skin(More)
1. Based on similarities between properties of gasping and the aspiration reflex, we hypothesized that this reflex activates the central pattern generator for gasping. To evaluate this hypothesis, we have analysed high-frequency oscillations in phrenic and hypoglossal neural activities. These oscillations, analysed by power and coherence spectra, are(More)
Forced inspiratory efforts resembling the sniff-like aspiration reflex (AR) were evoked by single-shocks or trains of electrical impulses to the dorsal pharyngeal and nasal mucosal surfaces in 12 anaesthetized spontaneously breathing cats. The strongest ARs determined by diaphragmatic (DIA) EMG and peak-inspiratory flows were elicited from the dorsolateral(More)
Re-evaluation of our earlier c-Fos-like immuno-reactive studies and brainstem transection/lesion experiments in over 40 anaesthetized, non-paralyzed cats allowed comparison of two distinct airway defensive reflexes with the distinct generators for inspiration (I) and expiration (E), described recently in juvenile rats. The spiration reflex (AspR) is(More)