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The segments of the network can be paralysed by a series of chance events or a well-organized, targeted attack. If we know our system and lead a safety-conscious life we can avoid unpleasant events, system down. The Critical Information Infrastructures has become a complex network. Consequently the items of the system, their mutual effects and links and the(More)
Installing green roofs on building tops is an important part of energetically conscious planning. This has many energetic advantages, while it is simply aesthetic. Opportunities of green roofs are in use in Western-Europe for a long time, and nowadays, more and more fine examples can be caught in our country, as well. This article is to summarize energetic(More)
Digitization changes our world. Industry 4.0, the digital transformation of manufacturing changes the labor market. The impacts of rapid technology development of the fourth industrial revolution present huge challenges for the society and for policy makers. Are we facing reduction of employment by automation rendering human work force uncompetitive with(More)
The amount of information and the need for information is fast increasing today, and it will further multiply in the coming years. The critical infrastructure ensures the welfare of the state and its citizens. Everyday decision-making requires a large amount of information of various types. The present publication will show the relationship between the(More)
For measuring and creating a complex physical protection system of a facility, it is important to take into consideration its characteristics not only inside the fence, but it is inevitable to examine, classify its surrounding objects as well. In other words, it is necessary to evaluate risk factors lying outside accurately in the light of risk analysis.(More)
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