Zoltan Beck

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Although CD4(+) cells represent the major target for HIV infection in blood, claims of complement-independent binding of HIV-1 to erythrocytes and the possible role of Duffy blood group antigen, have generated controversy. To examine the question of binding to erythrocytes, HIV-1 was incubated in vitro with erythrocytes from 30 healthy leukapheresis donors,(More)
Chronic HIV-1 infection is associated with persistent viremia in most patients, but it remains unclear how free virus may survive the potential hostile effects of plasma. We investigated whether sites might exist on the surfaces of circulating blood cells for protection of infectious HIV-1 particles. Red blood cells (RBC) either from blood of uninfected(More)
  • P Arun, Abu-Taleb, J B Zhang, Z Beck, L L Jagodzinski, G R Kunz +11 others
  • 2013
Distinct patterns of expression of traumatic brain injury biomarkers after blast exposure: role of compromised cell membrane integrity. Molecular detection and identification of Bartonella species in rat fleas from northeastern Thailand.(benzylidene)-4-piperidones and related N-acyl analogs: A novel cluster of antimalarials targeting the liver stage of(More)
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