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Phenylacetate has been reported to have a potent anti-proliferative and anti-differentiating effect in haematological malignancies and in solid tumours at non-toxic concentrations. This study is a preliminary investigation of 131I-radiolabelled 4-iodophenylacetic acid as a potential radiopharmaceutical equivalent. Radiolabelling by isotope exchange gave a(More)
The use of Auger emitters as potential radiopharmaceuticals is being increasingly investigated. One of the radionuclides of interest is (103m)Rh, which can be produced from (103)Ru or (103)Pd in an in vivo generator. A potential problem, however, is the recoil of the (103m)Rh out of the carrier molecule and even out of the target cell. In order to determine(More)
In this paper we present a novel method for reliability testing of MEMS devices containing movable structures. A small size, simple and cheap vibration fatigue test equipment was designed and realized at BUTE and vibration fatigue tests were carried out on 10 samples of a LIS0L02AS4-type MEMS 3-axis inertial sensor provided by ST Microelectronics. The paper(More)
In this paper the methodology and the results of a contactless thermal characterization of a high temperature test chamber will be introduced. The test chamber is used for fatigue testing of different MEMS devices where the homogenous temperature distribution within the close proximity from the heating filaments is very important. Our aim was to(More)
Geza Nagy, M.D.*, Sandor G. Vari, M.D.** Zoltan 0. Szucs, M.D.*** Gabor Avar**** *Semmelweis Hospital, dept. of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Miskolc P.o.box 187 H-3501 Hungary medaninfQa1p2haJbozi.u **Varimed Ltd Budapest, Szalanci u 5, H-1 124, Hungary adImedQmail.matay.hu ***HospNET Ltd. Debrecen Hatvan ut 58 H-4025 Hungaryods s e hu(More)
The use of Auger emitters as potential radiopharmaceuticals is increasingly investigated. One such radionuclide of interest is (103m)Rh. This can be produced from (103)Ru or from (103)Pd in an in vivo generator. A potential problem with this concept is the recoil of the (103m)Rh out of the carrier molecule and even out of the target cell. In order to(More)
The biodistribution of an N2 N2 ' tetradentate gold(III) chelate, which is known to be cytotoxic towards a range of human cancer cell lines, was determined by a radiolabelled equivalent of the compound. The (198) Au-labelled gold(III) chelate of a bis(pyrrolide-imine) Schiff base ligand with a three-carbon di(azomethine) linkage was successfully synthesised(More)
The paper discusses the importance and the issues of interfacing capacitive sensors. Two architectures applicable for interfacing capacitive sensors are presented. The first solution was designed to interface a capacitive humidity sensor designed and built for a humiditydependent monolithic capacitor developed at Budapest University of Technology and(More)
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