Zoltán Szatmári

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Autonomous systems are used nowadays in more and more sectors from vehicles to domestic robots. They can make decisions on their own or interact with humans, thus their robustness and safety are properties of crucial importance. Due to the adaptive and context-aware nature of these systems, the testing of such properties is especially challenging. In this(More)
Safety standards impose requirements on the process used to develop safety-critical systems. For certification purposes, manufacturers have to properly interpret and meet these requirements, which exhibit commonalities and variabilities. However, since different terms are used to state them, the comparative work aimed at manually identifying and managing(More)
Queries are the foundations of data intensive applications. In model-driven software engineering (MDSE), model queries are core technologies of tools and transformations. As software models are rapidly increasing in size and complexity, most MDSE tools frequently exhibit scalability issues that decrease developer productivity and increase costs. As a(More)
Despite the wide range of existing tool support, constructing a design environment for a complex domain-specific language (DSL) is still a tedious task as the large number of derived features and well-formedness constraints complementing the domain metamodel necessitate special handling. Such derived features and constraints are frequently defined by(More)
Software testing is an expensive, yet essential stage in all software development models, thus there is a great effort from the research community to facilitate or even automate this step. Although much of the testing process is automated by modern software development environments (e.g., test execution, monitoring), the selection of test data remains(More)
Ontologies provide high-level means for capturing requirements of systems with precise semantics and automated meta-level reasoning techniques to identify specification flaws early in the design even if certain parts of the system is underspecified. Domain-specific modeling environments effectively support domain engineers for designing the system by(More)
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