Zoltán Szabó

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In this paper, we demonstrate a relation among Seiberg-Witten invariants which arises from embedded surfaces in four-manifolds whose self-intersection number is negative. These relations, together with Taubes’ basic theorems on the Seiberg-Witten invariants of symplectic manifolds, are then used to prove the symplectic Thom conjecture: a symplectic surface(More)
Suppose that X is a smooth closed oriented 4-manifold, and that X contains a smoothly embedded 2-torus T 2 ↪→ X with trivial self-intersection number. Similarly to Dehn-surgery on knots in 3-manifolds, a generalized logarithmic transformation of X along T 2 is defined by deleting a tubular neighborhood of T 2 from X and gluing it back via a diffeomorphism φ(More)
We define invariants of null–homologous Legendrian and transverse knots in contact 3–manifolds. The invariants are determined by elements of the knot Floer homology of the underlying smooth knot. We compute these invariants, showing that they do not vanish, for certain non– loose knots in overtwisted 3–spheres. Moreover, we apply the invariants to find(More)
Water samples were collected from domestic wells at an unsewered residential area in Gloucester County, New Jersey where mercury (Hg) concentrations in well water were known to exceed the USEPA maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 2,000 ng/L. This residential area (the CSL site) is representative of more than 70 such areas in southern New Jersey where about(More)