Zoltán Spiró

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MOTIVATION Signaling pathways control a large variety of cellular processes. However, currently, even within the same database signaling pathways are often curated at different levels of detail. This makes comparative and cross-talk analyses difficult. RESULTS We present SignaLink, a database containing eight major signaling pathways from Caenorhabditis(More)
The network concept is increasingly used for the description of complex systems. Here, we summarize key aspects of the evolvability and robustness of the hierarchical network set of macromolecules, cells, organisms and ecosystems. Listing the costs and benefits of cooperation as a necessary behaviour to build this network hierarchy, we outline the major(More)
UNLABELLED Increased oxidative stress is associated with various diseases and aging, while adaptation to heat stress is an important determinant of survival and contributes to longevity. However, the impact of oxidative stress on heat resistance remains largely unclear. AIM In this study we investigated how oxidative stress impinges on heat stress(More)
The early C. elegans embryo is an attractive model system to investigate fundamental developmental processes. With the exception of mex-3 mRNA, maternally contributed mRNAs are thought to be distributed uniformly in the one-cell embryo. Here, we report and characterize the striking distribution of the mRNA encoding the novel protein ERA-1. We found that(More)
Molecular chaperones and the heat shock response guard and modulate protein conformation, protect proteins from misfolding and aggregation, and maintain signalling and organellar networks. Overnutrition and the metabolic syndrome represent a pro-aging condition, and dietary restriction is the most robust environmental intervention that induces longevity(More)
An unresolved mystery in the field of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is why a reduction of the ubiquitously expressed Smn protein causes defects mostly in motoneurons. We addressed the possibility that this restricted vulnerability stems from elevated Smn expression in motoneurons. To explore this, we established an ex vivo zebrafish culture system of(More)
Regulation of centrosome and spindle positioning is crucial for spatial cell division control. The one-cell Caenorhabditis elegans embryo has proven attractive for dissecting the mechanisms underlying centrosome and spindle positioning in a metazoan organism. Previous work revealed that these processes rely on an evolutionarily conserved force generator(More)
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