Zoltán Sebestyén

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An arbitrary linear relation (multivalued operator) acting from one Hilbert space to another Hilbert space is shown to be the sum of a closable operator and a singular relation whose closure is the Cartesian product of closed subspaces. This decomposition can be seen as an analog of the Lebesgue decomposition of a measure into a regular part and a singular(More)
Over the last few decades, important advances have been made in understanding of host–parasitoid relations and their applications to biological pest control. Not only has the number of agent species increased, but new manipulation techniques for natural enemies have also been empirically introduced, particularly in greenhouse crops. This makes biocontrol(More)
The paper is an overview of our recent results achieved with different coauthors, concerning several research lines of applied population dynamics we initiated some years ago, and mostly published in 2010. First, based on the classical Leslie population model, a dynamic demographic model including controlled immigration is recalled, and applying the(More)
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