Zoltán Langmár

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BACKGROUND Primary intra-thoracic desmoids are exceedingly rare borderline tumors, with 34 reported cases in the English-language literature. The characteristic localized infiltrative growth and the high rate of recurrence can result in life-threatening conditions. Radical surgical resection is considered to be the primary treatment. Achieving negative(More)
Sir, In a recent manuscript, van Gorp et al (2011) compared the diagnostic performance of serum tumour markers CA125 and HE4 and the ROMA clinical risk stratification tool in a prospective collection of serum samples from patients with ovarian mass. They reported statistically insignificant differences between these three diagnostic tests. However, the(More)
BACKGROUND Abdominal pregnancy is a rare condition that may lead to severe complications. CASE REPORT The authors report the case of a 17-week intact abdominal pregnancy diagnosed in the course of an investigation of lower abdominal pain. Ultrasonography and MR examination revealed an intact abdominal pregnancy. Subsequent angiography was performed to(More)
AIM To evaluate the knowledge, motivation, and attitudes of Hungarian family physicians toward pandemic influenza vaccination in the 2009/10 influenza season. METHOD A questionnaire with 20 questions was developed and sent to 232 family physicians in 3 largest Hungarian cities: Budapest, Debrecen, and Miskolc. The study was conducted in December 2009 and(More)
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