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OBJECTIVE Periconceptional folic acid or multivitamin supplementation is recommended for prospective pregnant women to prevent neural-tube defects. The question is whether it is worth continuing these supplementations after the first trimester of pregnancy or not. Thus the possible fetal growth promoting and/or preterm birth reducing effect of vitamin(More)
UNLABELLED Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans is a low or moderate grade malignant, uncommon soft tissue tumor. The tumor is characterized by slow, but locally aggressive growth, low metastatic potential and high recurrence rate. Initial treatment is the radical surgical excision, using traditional wide excision or Mohs surgery. In case of positive surgical(More)
UNLABELLED The human papillomavirus-infection is one of the most frequent sexually transmitted disease; it is detectable in nearly all cases of cervical cancer. Nowadays, the incidence of cervical cancer is unacceptable high. AIM Our aim was to evaluate women's knowledge about the human papillomaviruses and cervical cancer. We tried to determine the(More)
Ovarian carcinoma has the highest mortality among gynecologic cancers. Most of the patients are sensitive to the first-line platinum-based combined chemotherapy and they will present a complete response, but most of them will relapse within 24 months. The resistance to chemotherapy is a great therapeutic challenge. Recent figures show that heat shock(More)
Biomarkers have a wide range of applications in the management of several cancers. To date serum markers have been the most extensively used biomarkers in everyday practice but few markers are elevated in preclinical or premalignant disease, limiting their importance for estimating risk or for screening. Human epididymis protein-4 (HE4) is a novel serum(More)
The mixed mesodermal tumor is a very uncommon malignancy. The aggressiveness of this lesion is illustrated by extremely poor prospects for afflicted patients: postoperative survival is usually shorter than 24 months. According to the literature, malignant mixed tumor of the ovary is rather rare and its occurrence with other malignancy is exceptional. We(More)
Primary systemic - or neoadjuvant - chemotherapy (PST) is the standard of care in locally advanced breast cancer and it has also become an option in primary operable disease for patients who are candidates for adjuvant systemic chemotherapy. There are several advantages of administering PST: tumor downstaging--improving the chance of breast conserving(More)
Granular cell tumours (GCTs) are uncommon rare neoplasms that may occur in any part of the body. Approximately 5-8% of granular cell tumours occur within the breast. Although nearly always benign in behaviour, granular cell tumours of the breast can often mimic breast malignancies both clinically and on the basis of imaging techniques. This article reports(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast and cervical cancers are both common malignancies in Hungarian women. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of nationwide screening programs on the incidence and mortality of breast and cervical cancers and to assess the role of primary care providers in this context. MATERIALS AND METHODS Published records from 2000-2011 on(More)
Elevated plasma lipid level is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, which are considered to be primary causes of death. Apolipoprotein E plays a part in the lipid transport in the blood, thus polimophisms of that affect the lipid composition of the plasma. The three most common alleles of apolipoprotein E are e2, e3, e4. Out of the two(More)