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It has been shown recently that the use of two pairs of resistors with enhanced Johnson-noise and a Kirchhoff-loop—i.e., a Kirchhoff-Law-Johnson-Noise (KLJN) protocol—for secure key distribution leads to information theoretic security levels superior to those of a quantum key distribution, including a natural immunity against a man-in-the-middle attack.(More)
BACKGROUND Lung function data in healthy newborn infants are scarce largely due to lack of suitable techniques, although data for developmental and prenatal exposure studies are much needed. We have modified the forced oscillation technique (FOT) for the measurement of respiratory mechanical impedance (Zrs) in unsedated sleeping infants in the first 3 days(More)
A pump and probe fluorometer with a laser diode as single light source has been constructed for measurement of fast induction and relaxation of the fluorescence yield in intact cells, chromatophores and isolated reaction centers of photosynthetic bacteria. The time resolution of the fluorometer is limited by the repetition time of the probing flashes to 20(More)
Photosynthetic reaction center proteins purified from Rhodobacter sphaeroides purple bacterium were deposited on the surface of indium tin oxide (ITO), a transparent conductive oxide, and the photochemical/-physical properties of the composite were investigated. The kinetics of the light induced absorption change indicated that the RC was active in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Non-invasive techniques for measuring lung mechanics in infants are needed for a better understanding of lung growth and function, and to study the effects of prenatal factors on subsequent lung growth in healthy infants. The forced oscillation technique requires minimal cooperation from the individual but has rarely been used in(More)
In order to characterize autonomic responses to acute volume loss, supine ECG, blood pressure (BP) and uncalibrated breathing signal (UBS) recordings were taken before and after blood donation in 48 healthy volunteers. Time and frequency domain parameters of RR interval (RRI), BP and UBS variability were determined. Baroreflex gain was calculated by the(More)
After a decade of doubts, first time in the history of stochastic resonance (SR), we demonstrate that a simple stochastic resonator does greatly improve the signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) of a periodic signal with additive Gaussian noise. The particular stochastic resonator is a level-crossing detector (LCD) driven by the sum of a periodic spike train signal(More)
Conducting polypyrrole (PPy) powder synthesized by using FeCl3 x 6 H2O and/or Fe(NO3)3 oxidants was impregnated in silver salt solutions. The stability and decomposition of the material was followed by thermogravimetric measurements. The total silver content was determined by atom absorption spectroscopy (ICP-AAS). The heat and electric conductivities of(More)