Zoltán Ésik

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We define the degree of aperiodicity of finite automata and show that for every set M of positive integers, the class QAM of finite automata whose degree of aperiodicity belongs to the division ideal generated by M is closed with respect to direct products, disjoint unions, subautomata, homomorphic images and renamings. These closure conditions define(More)
In this survey we generalize some results on formal tree languages, tree grammars and tree automata by an algebraic treatment using semirings, fixed point theory, formal tree series and matrices. The use of these mathematical constructs makes definitions, constructions, and proofs more satisfactory from an mathematical point of view than the customary ones.(More)
We provide the basics of a 2-dimensional theory of automata on series-parallel biposets. We define recognizable, regular and rational sets of series-parallel biposets and study their relationship. Moreover, we relate these classes to languages of series-parallel biposets definable in monadic second-order logic.