Zolidah Kasiran

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The number of mobile phone user increases consistently year by year. While gaining new customer is harder than maintaining existing one, various churn predictor engine has been developed to fulfill this purpose. The implementation of Recurrent Neural Network in predicting churn is still new to this field. Same goes for Reinforcement Learning used which is(More)
The Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) is a collection of wireless devices or nodes that communicate by dispatching packets to one another or on behalf of another device or node, without having any central network authority or infrastructure controlling data routing. In order to communicate each other, the nodes cooperatively forward data packets to other(More)
The human face is rich of information and plays important roles in daily communication such as expressing the emotions nonverbally. Facial expression comes in all varieties. Some are intense and sustained while others are subtle and fleeting. Much progress has been made to build computer systems that recognize facial expression for human computer(More)
In social interaction, face is playing an important role. Social psychology researches had agreed that among the three mediums in communication, facial expression is the one that is always active. Mehrabian [1] indicated that the verbal part of a message contributes only for 7 percent to the effect of the message as a whole; the vocal part contributes for(More)
The enormous number of attacks over the Internet nowadays makes the information under potential violation. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is used as second line of defense to observe suspicious actions going on in computers or network devices. IDS have two approaches by using only one of the approaches only one of the misuse or anomaly attacks can be(More)
Abstract The ability to retain customers is an issue in many of the service industries. Industries spend a lot of resources in gaining new customer and trying all their effort to maintain the existing customers and various churn predictor engine has been developed to fulfill this purpose. The objective of this study is to implement Elman Recurrent Neural(More)
Text-frame classification for video is important prior to text detection and recognition to ensure that the text detection and recognition process is being conducted only for frames that consist of text. Otherwise, detecting and recognizing text on non-text frames will lead to false positive where non-text objects may be mistakenly classified as text. In(More)
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