Zoila Zenaida García Valdivia

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—The use of pedagogical methods with the technologies of the infor mation and communications pr oduce a new quality that favor s the task of gener ating, tr ansmitting and shar ing knowledge. Such is the case of the pedagogical effect that pr oduces the use of the Concept Maps, which constitute a tool for the management of knowledge, an aid to per sonalize(More)
Not all paradigms to create knowledge-based systems facilitate the design of a Teaching-Learning System Intelligent, where the key to their development is determining how to represent the knowledge required for their modules and from this knowledge to diagnose the student to the system to suit your features. In particular it is clear that the development of(More)
The use of present pedagogical methods and Information and Communication Technologies produce a new quality that favors the task of generating, transmitting and sharing knowledge. That is the case of the pedagogical effect that produces the use of the Concept Maps, which are considered a learning technique as a way to increase meaningful learning in the(More)
When a tutoring aims to guide students in the teaching/learning process, it needs to know what knowledge the student has and what goals the student is currently trying to achieve. The Bayesian framework offers a number of techniques for inferring individual's knowledge state from evidence of mastery of concepts or skills. Using Bayesian networks, we have(More)
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