Zoie Shui-Yee Wong

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New product development (NPD) is crucial for a company’s success in a competitive market. Meanwhile, NPD is a process associated with great complexity and high risk. To ensure its smooth operation, risks involved in an NPD process need to be analyzed in a proper way. In this paper, a novel method is proposed to generate a belief rule base (BRB), which is(More)
Simulation studies play a significant role in supporting pandemic disease scenario prediction and facilitating the understanding of how infectious diseases spread. This is of paramount importance for the anticipation, mitigation, and containment of pandemics. Disease-spread simulation models are often used to understand the effects of changes in citizen(More)
Modelling of detailed community interaction dynamics increases a public health organization's ability to contain a potential disease strain at an early stage. Due to its dense population and high levels of human movements and interactions, Hong Kong has suffered from various epidemic diseases. The use of non-medical interventions is often efficacious in(More)
It has been recognised that medication names that look or sound similar are a cause of medication errors. This study builds statistical classifiers for identifying medication incidents due to look-alike sound-alike mix-ups. A total of 227 patient safety incident advisories related to medication were obtained from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute's(More)
BACKGROUND School closures as a means of containing the spread of disease have received considerable attention from the public health community. Although they have been implemented during previous pandemics, the epidemiological and economic effects of the closure of individual schools remain unclear. METHODOLOGY This study used data from the 2009 H1N1(More)
It is very common for patients to face a long journey after the first physician visit in many emergency service care models. This affects the service quality of accident and emergency departments (AEDs). In this study, we developed discrete-event simulation models to mimic the complex health service system of a 24-hour AED in Hong Kong. We assessed how(More)
Phenomenological and mechanistic models are widely used to assist resource planning for pandemics and emerging infections. We conducted a systematic review, to compare methods and outputs of published phenomenological and mechanistic modelling studies pertaining to the 2013-2016 Ebola virus disease (EVD) epidemics in four West African countries - Sierra(More)
In this paper, a three-dimensional poro-elastoplastic model for the short-crested wave-induced pore pressures in a porous seabed is presented. Unlike the previous models, both elasticity and plasticity of seafloor are considered in the present model. This study considers the effects of wave and soil characteristics on the pore pressures and was validated(More)
Health informatics applications will be a cornerstone in the next generation quality-and-efficiency health care system. Health care is delivered from many different specialties, to many different patients with complex diseases and comorbidity. A one size fits all approach is not adequate to reach the Triple Aim of improving the patient experience of care,(More)