Zoi Kolitsi

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A software data generation tool, intended to be used in radiographic applications, has been developed. The application integrates a phantom design module and an imaging simulator. Phantoms can be described as a set of either geometrical objects or voxels, or contours drawn on multiple tomographic slices. Radiographic projections of the phantoms are formed(More)
This paper presents a software simulation package of the entire X-ray projection radiography process including beam generation, absorber structure and composition, irradiation set up, radiation transport through the absorbing medium, image formation and dose calculation. Phantoms are created as composite objects from geometrical or voxelized primitives and(More)
Computer models and simulations of X-ray imaging systems are becoming a very precious tool during the development and evaluation of new X-ray imaging techniques. To provide, however, a faithful simulation of a system, all components must be accurately modelled and tested, followed by verification through experimental measurements. This paper presents a(More)
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