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An extensive analysis of the presence of different altmetric indicators provided by Altmetric.com across scientific fields is presented, particularly focusing on their relationship with citations. Our results confirm that the presence and density of social media altmetric counts are still very low and not very frequent among scientific publications, with(More)
In this paper an analysis of the presence and possibilities of altmetrics for bibliometric and performance analysis is carried out. Using the web based tool Impact Story, we collected metrics for 20,000 random publications from the Web of Science. We studied both the presence and distribution of altmetrics in the set of publications, across fields, document(More)
This paper analyzes Altmetric.com, one of the most important altmetric data providers currently used. We have analyzed a set of publications with DOI number indexed in the Web of Science during the period 2011-2013 and collected their data with the Altmetric API. 19% of the original set of papers was retrieved from Altmetric.com including some altmetric(More)
Introduction Mendeley is a popular social reference manager with currently about 2.8 million users and 535 million user documents (Haustein & Larivière, 2014). Mendeley helps users to organize scientific documents in private libraries but at the same time publishes aggregated readership counts per documents to indicate their popularity among Mendeley users.(More)
In this study, the 'academic status' of users of scientific publications in Mendeley is explored in order to analyse the usage pattern of Mendeley users in terms of subject fields, citation and readership impact. The main focus of this study is on studying the filtering capacity of Mendeley readership counts compared to journal citation scores in detecting(More)
This study presents a large scale analysis of the distribution and presence of Mendeley readership scores over time and across disciplines. We study whether Mendeley readership scores (RS) can identify highly cited publications more effectively than journal citation scores (JCS). Web of Science (WoS) publications with DOIs published during the period(More)
To the Editor, Hemophilia A and B are hereditary X-chromosomal recessive disorders affecting 1 in 5000 male births [1,2]. Hemophilia is classified as severe at F VIII / F IX <1 kIU L-1 , moderate at 1-5 kIU L-1 , and mild at >5-25 kIU L-1 [3]. During the mid-1970s hemophilia care underwent substantial improvement to provide more optimal disease management(More)
In this study we have investigated the relationship between different document characteristics and the number of Mendeley readership counts, tweets, Facebook posts, mentions in blogs and mainstream media for 1.3 million papers published in journals covered by the Web of Science (WoS). It aims to demonstrate that how factors affecting various social(More)
In this study, the presence and distribution of both Mendeley readerships and Web of Science citations for the publications published in the 43 Iranian international journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports have been investigated. The aim was to determine the impact, visibility and use of the publications published by the Iranian international journals(More)
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