Zohreh S. Hosseini

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Transformer lifetime assessments plays a vital role in reliable operation of power systems. In this paper, leveraging sensory data, an approach in estimating transformer lifetime is presented. The winding hottest-spot temperature, which is the pivotal driver that impacts transformer aging, is measured hourly via a temperature sensor, then transformer loss(More)
The main goal of attack detection system is classification of system activities into two basic groups of normal activities and intrusion activities. However many studies have been done in the field of intrusion detection, finding a method with min error and max accuracy is still a challenge. The main aim of this study is presenting a DOS attack intrusion(More)
Patients who recover from leishmaniasis usually show development of strong immunity and induction of interferon-γ (IFN-γ) and delayed type hypersensitivity. In a randomized trial, we analyzed the IFN-γ response by using a Quantiferon-Leishmania assay against three Leishmania peptide antigens and compared it with results of the leishmanin skin test (LST) in(More)
This review was conducted to investigate the botany, phytochemistry, and pharmacological properties of Echinophora species. The information of this review was obtained by searching for keywords Apiaceae, Echinophora, pharmacological effects, and traditional and modern medicine in scientific articles and books published in search engines Scopus, Google(More)
Intrusion detection systems(IDS) has assumes an important part to protect the qualities of PC mostly into two classifications: malignant and irrelevant exercises. Intrusion detection can be accomplish by Categorization. Another machine learning based algorithm for order of information is actualized to network intrusion detection is presented in this paper.(More)
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