Zohreh Mohades

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In this paper; dynamical resource allocation scheme is proposed to improve throughput and fairness in the modern broadband wireless systems such as IEEE 802.16 Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. To assign the subcarriers to users, dynamic fractional frequency reuse is used. In dynamic fractional frequency reuse, each cell is partitioned into(More)
Non-coherent receivers, such as energy detectors (ED), are the simplest and the most practical alternatives to coherent receivers for low-rate and low-complexity applications in ultra-wideband (UWB) systems. However, these advantages are achieved at the expense of non-negligible performance degradation. One solution to improve the performance is to make use(More)
The flipped classroom is a reversal of conventional teaching models: learners obtain first exposure to material through independent study and then in-class time is dedicated to activities for learners to apply the knowledge. Cards are a novel method of “flipping the classroom” using adaptive multiple-choice questions with patient cases containing randomized(More)
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