Zohreh Forghani

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Vascular injury mobilizes bone marrow-derived proangiogenic cells into the circulation, where these cells can facilitate vascular repair and new vessel formation. We sought to determine the relationship between a new biomarker of circulating bone marrow-derived proangiogenic cell activity, the presence of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its(More)
Electrical, mechanical, and thermal stresses can degrade the quality of the insulation in power transformers, causing faults [1]. Several methods are used for fault diagnosis in transformers, e.g., dissolved gas analysis (DGA), measurement of breakdown voltage, and tan ��, pollution, sludge, and interfacial tension tests [2]. Of these, DGA is the most(More)
OBJECTIVE Vomiting is one of the most important postoperative complications of adenotonsillectomy. This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of preoperative intravenous dexamethasone on postoperative emesis. METHODS In a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 100 patients aged 5-15 years, ASA classes I and II were randomly selected(More)
To evaluate and compare intraoperative pain, perioperative complications and hemodynamic changes during phacoemulsification under topical and retrobulbar anesthesia. A total of 564 patients were randomly allocated into topical and retrobulbar groups. All patients received 2 mcg kg(-1) fentanyl 5 min before the start of their procedures. Patients in the(More)
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