Zohra Cherfi

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In order to optimize the performance of a diesel engine subject to legislative constraints on pollutant emissions, it is necessary to improve their design, and to identify how design parameters affect engine behaviours. One specificity of this work is that it does not exist a physical model of engine behaviour under all possible operational conditions. A(More)
This paper deals with parameter and state estimation in a bounded-error context for uncertain dynamical aerospace models when the input is considered optimized or not. In a bounded-error context, perturbations are assumed bounded but otherwise unknown. The parameters to be estimated are also considered bounded. The tools of the presented work are based on a(More)
This paper presents a joint use of the T2 chart and Total Inertial Tolerancing for process control. Here, we will show an application of these approaches in the case of the machining of mechanical workpieces using a cutting tool. When a cutting tool in machining impacts different manufactured dimensions of the workpiece, there is a correlation between these(More)
Through parameter estimation schemes, one could be able to detect, localize and identify the occurring fault via simple computation. Yet, certain faults may not be discovered even be mistaken in a normal condition with unknown noises by trend checking or state monitoring. A more informative way when a correct model is present to analyses the data via(More)
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