Zohra Bellahsene

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In this paper, we present the capability of our ontology matching tool YAM++. We show that YAM++ is able to discover mappings between entities of given two ontologies by using machine learning approach. Besides, we also demonstrate that if the training data are not available, YAM++ can discover mappings by using information retrieval techniques. Finally, we(More)
In this paper, we address the issues related to the evolution and maintenance of data warehousing systems, when underlying data sources change their schema capabilities. These changes can invalidate views at the data warehousing system. We present an approach for dynamically adapting views according to schema changes arising on source relations. This type(More)
Most of the schema matching tools are assembled from multiple match algorithms, each employing a particular technique to improve matching accuracy and making matching systems extensible and customizable to a particular domain. The solutions provided by current schema matching tools consist in aggregating the results obtained by several match algorithms to(More)
The increasing demand of matching and mapping tasks in modern integration scenarios has led to a plethora of tools for facilitating these tasks. While the plethora made these tools available to a broader audience, it led into some form of confusion regarding the exact nature, goals, core functionalities expected features and basic capabilities of these(More)
Over the years, many schema matching approaches have been developed to discover correspondences between schemas. Although this task is crucial in data integration, its evaluation, both in terms of matching quality and time performance, is still manually performed. Indeed, there is no common platform which gathers a collection of schema matching datasets to(More)
The possibility to query heterogeneous and semantically linked data sources depends on the ability to find correspondences between their structure and/or their content. Unfortunately, most of the tools used nowadays to discover those mappings are either manual or semi-automatic. In this article we present an automatic method to calculate the similarity(More)