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In order to increase the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, the nanostructure of these cells has to be optimized. To this end, simulations of the optical wave in thin-film solar cells are required. The frequency dependence of the refraction index of materials, like amorphous silicon (a-Si:H), cannot be described by dispersive models like Drude model.(More)
Light diffraction from lithography masks depends on the geometrical shape of the mask pattern which is created by an etch process. The analysis of relevant effects requires the application of an accurate electromagnetic field solver. In this paper, we present an appropriate simulation method based on the Finite Integration (FI) technique for solving(More)
The standard finite-difference time-domain equations can model propagation of wave in dispersive media. However in case of plasmas and metals, the negative values of permittivity makes the standard time iteration scheme unstable. We describe a numerical technique to solve Maxwell's equations in frequency domain in this case.
BACKGROUND This study was aimed to evaluate composition and possible co-existence of change in fatty acids of aorta artery and adipose tissue in two groups of patients with different degree of atherosclerosis. METHODS Twenty-one angiographically documented coronary artery diseases (CAD) patients, and the same numbers of age, sex and body mass(More)
BACKGROUND Atherosclerosis represents the principal cause of death in the many societies. Since few data have been published about the composition of fatty acids in atherosclerotic arteries such as the aorta comparing to the non affected internal mammary artery which is used for aortocoronary bypass grafting, we compared the fatty acid profiles of(More)
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