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We present a method for generating linear invariants for large systems. The method performs forward propagation in an abstract domain consisting of arbitrary polyhedra of a predefined fixed shape. The basic operations on the domain like abstraction, intersection, join and inclusion tests are all posed as linear optimization queries, which can be solved(More)
This document contains exercises of two types: those that we failed to think of before publication; and those that address technical errors in the book. 1. (⋆ Divides constraints) Prove the important direction of Theorems 7.13 and 7.15: that solutions to the original divides constraints are reported as solutions. 1. (Theories with Equality) In Chapter 10,(More)
In this paper, Propositional Temporal Logic (PTL) is applied to the specification and synthesis of the synchronization part of communicating processes. To specify a process, a PTL formula that describes its sequence of communications is given. The synthesis is done by constructing a model of the given specifications using a tableau-like satisfiability(More)