Zofia Mariak

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PURPOSE To study the distribution and mechanism of traumatic injuries to the nerves supplying the eye and muscles protecting the visual apparatus. METHODS Brain autopsy was carried out in 12 consecutive patients who died within three days after closed head injury. A segment of the brainstem with the entire intracranial portion of nerves II-VII was(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The aim of our study was to evaluate visual field in patients with multiple sclerosis without a history of optic neuritis. We assessed presence and localisation of visual field defects and evaluated correlation between visual field disturbances and patient's neurological status. MATERIAL AND METHODS A group of 52 patients with(More)
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia (INO) is a disorder of eye movements caused by a lesion in an area of the brain called the medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF). The most common causes of INO are multiple sclerosis and brainstem infarction. Other causes include head trauma, brainstem and fourth ventricular tumors, Arnold-Chiari malformation, infection,(More)
BACKGROUND We studied the association between (1) the retinal thickness, volume and structure assessed by optical coherence tomography (OCT), and (2) vascular changes around the fovea in FA to define the role of these methods in the detection of ischemic diabetic maculopathy. METHODS This retrospective observational study included 51 eyes of 51 patients(More)
BACKGROUND There is a vast discrepancy between the incidence of skull base metastases reported in vivo and at autopsy. Asymptomatic character or unspecific symptoms make the diagnosis difficult, particularly in patients with no history of cancer. Our case illustrates a skull base metastasis from breast cancer, detected in a diagnostic process initiated by(More)
Purpose of the Study. To compare the efficacy and safety of phacotrabeculectomy (P-Trab) and phacoemulsification with the ExPress (P-ExPress) mini glaucoma shunt implantation. Study Plan. Prospective randomized study. Material and Methods. 85 eyes with cataract and unregulated open angle glaucoma. There were 46 eyes in the P-ExPress and 39 the P-Trab group.(More)
PURPOSE To estimate retrospectively the incidence, predisposing factors, and possible mechanisms precipitating massive suprachoroidal hemorrhage (MSCH) development during cataract extraction surgery. METHODS The study was conducted on 6639 consecutive cataract extractions performed between 1994 and 2002. All of the procedures were carried out using(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the visual field defects in patients with visible and buried optic disc drusen. MATERIAL AND METHODS 40 patients (22 women and 18 men, mean age 49.8 years) with optic disc drusen were studied prospectively for clinical and electrophysiological evidence of impaired optic nerve function. Visual acuity, colour perception, presence of an(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Recently, a transconjunctival, endoscope-assisted (TEA) approach to the medial intra-orbital space was developed based on cadaver preparations, with an ultimate goal of minimizing disturbances of the anatomic structures of the orbit. However, no report on clinical validation of this promising technique was published thus far. We(More)