Zoe R Butterfint

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BACKGROUND Communication is fundamental to human interaction and the development and maintenance of human relationships and is frequently affected in Parkinson's disease (PD). However, research and clinical practice have both tended to focus on impairment rather than participation aspects of communicative deficit in PD. In contrast, people with PD have(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess associations between cognitive status, intelligibility, acoustics and functional communication in PD. DESIGN Cross-sectional exploratory study of functional communication, including a within-participants experimental design for listener assessment. SETTING A major academic medical centre in the East of England, UK. PARTICIPANTS(More)
BACKGROUND Dysarthria is an acquired speech disorder following neurological injury that reduces intelligibility of speech due to weak, imprecise, slow and/or unco-ordinated muscle control. The impact of dysarthria goes beyond communication and affects psychosocial functioning. This is an update of a review previously published in 2005. The scope has been(More)
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