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Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is an emerging type of networks which facilitates vehicles on roads to communicate for driving safety. The basic idea is to allow arbitrary vehicles to broadcast ad hoc messages (e.g. traffic accidents) to other vehicles. However, this raises the concern of security and privacy. Messages should be signed and verified before(More)
For modeling of a vascular tree for hemodynamic analysis, the well-known Weibel, Horsfield, and Strahler systems have three shortcomings: vessels of the same order are all treated as in parallel, despite the fact that some are connected in series; histograms of the diameters of vessels in the successive orders have wide overlaps; and the(More)
(2014). A new payment system for enhancing location privacy of electric vehicles. Abstract An electric vehicle (EV) is a promising and futuristic automobile propelled by electric motors, using electrical energy stored in batteries or another energy storage device. Due to the need for the battery to be recharged, the cars will be required to visit a(More)
Mobile phone use – and mobile phone piracy – have increased dramatically during the last decade. Because of the profits that can be made, more than four hundred pirated brands of mobile phones are available in China. These pirated phones, referred to as " Shanzhai phones, " are often used by criminals because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain.(More)
In this paper, we describe the problem of checking the integrity of a hard disk for forensics investigation after the computer of a suspect has been seized. Existing solutions do not provide a satisfactory solution to solve the problem. They either require a huge amount of storage to store the hash values of the sectors or may not be able to cope with the(More)
To keep the evidence that a stored hard disk does not modify its content, the intuitive scheme is to calculate a hash value of the data in all the sectors in a specific order. However, since one or more sectors, with some probability, may become a bad sector after some time, this scheme fails to prove the integrity of all other sectors that are still good.(More)
The integrity of data stored on a hard disk is typically verified by computing the chained hash value of disk sector data in a specific order. However, this technique fails when one or more sectors turn bad during storage, making it impossible to compute their hash values. This paper presents a k-dimension hashing scheme, which computes and stores multiple(More)
Confidentiality is often one of the primary requirements for electronic documents. Often, encryption is used for achieving these confidential documents. From the perspective of an electronic document system, key management for long-term encrypted documents could become problematic, especially for big organizations. There are a number of non-trivial issues(More)