Zoe L. Jiang

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Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is an emerging type of networks which facilitates vehicles on roads to communicate for driving safety. The basic idea is to allow arbitrary vehicles to broadcast ad hoc messages (e.g. traffic accidents) to other vehicles. However, this raises the concern of security and privacy. Messages should be signed and verified before(More)
Mobile phone use – and mobile phone piracy – have increased dramatically during the last decade. Because of the profits that can be made, more than four hundred pirated brands of mobile phones are available in China. These pirated phones, referred to as " Shanzhai phones, " are often used by criminals because they are inexpensive and easy to obtain.(More)
The integrity of data stored on a hard disk is typically verified by computing the chained hash value of disk sector data in a specific order. However, this technique fails when one or more sectors turn bad during storage, making it impossible to compute their hash values. This paper presents a k-dimension hashing scheme, which computes and stores multiple(More)
There is an increasing trend for data owners to store their data in a third-party cloud server and buy the service from the cloud server to provide information to other users. To ensure confidentiality, the data is usually encrypted. Therefore, an encrypted data searching scheme with privacy preserving is of paramount importance. Predicate encryption (PE)(More)
Visible light communication (VLC) could provide short-range optical wireless communication together with illumination using LED lighting. However, conventional forward error correction (FEC) codes for reliable communication do not have the features for dimming support and flicker mitigation which are required in VLC for the main functionality of lighting.(More)