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The most common complaint of older hearing impaired (OHI) listeners is difficulty understanding speech in the presence of noise. However, tests of consonant-identification and sentence reception threshold (SeRT) provide different perspectives on the magnitude of impairment. Here we quantified speech perception difficulties in 24 OHI listeners in unaided and(More)
Speech understanding in noise declines with age, even in older subjects with normal hearing (ONH). These age-related declines could reflect reductions in phonological processing ability or impairments in semantic and lexical processing required for sentence understanding. In experiment 1, we used the California Syllable Test (CaST) to examine age-related(More)
Hearing aids (HAs) only partially restore the ability of older hearing impaired (OHI) listeners to understand speech in noise, due in large part to persistent deficits in consonant identification. Here, we investigated whether adaptive perceptual training would improve consonant-identification in noise in sixteen aided OHI listeners who underwent 40 hours(More)
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