Zoe Antoniou

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Recent advances in peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies will enable users to establish ubiquitous connectivity among their personal networked devices and those of others. Building on top of such technologies, we propose a platform of middleware and user interaction tools, called MyNet, that allows everyday users to easily and securely access and share with(More)
The third generation networks and services present opportunities to offer multimedia applications and services that meet end-to-end quality of service requirements. The key parts of the standards are already in place, and limited 3G services have already been turned on. While the evolution to 3G occurs, many operators will implement 2.5G interim solutions(More)
In this paper, an efficient scheme is proposed based on the introduced deadline-credit-based (DC) policy. This scheme is appropriate for any prerecorded media, but is particularly relevant for prerecorded semisoft continuous media (CM) applications. Semisoft are applications with very small initial delay tolerance and, thus, for which very small amount of(More)
Emerging high efficiency video compression methods and wider availability of wireless network infrastructure will significantly advance existing m-health applications. For medical video communications, the emerging video compression and network standards support low-delay and high-resolution video transmission, at the clinically acquired resolution and(More)
This paper presents an architecture for easy configuration and intuitive interaction between non-expert users and smart devices. It employs RFID (NFC) object tagging to enable service discovery through simple touch gestures. With this new paradigm, the physical space becomes an extension of the traditional mobile device GUI. In addition, an extensible RFID(More)