Zoë Hardcastle

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The role of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) in neural induction is controversial [1,2]. Although FGF signalling has been implicated in early neural induction [3-5], a late role for FGFs in neural development is not well established. Indeed, it is thought that FGFs induce a precursor cell fate but are not able to induce neuronal differentiation or late(More)
In vertebrates, BMP signaling before gastrulation suppresses neural development. Later in development, BMP signaling specifies a dorsal and ventral fate in the forebrain and dorsal fate in the spinal cord. It is therefore possible that a change in the competence of the ectoderm to respond to BMP signaling occurs at some point in development. We report that(More)
Embryo culture and injections Embryos were obtained from Xenopus laevis adult frogs by hormone-induced egg laying, in vitro fertilised using standard methods and staged according to Nieuwkoop and Faber [S1]. One blastomere of two-cell stage embryos was injected with 10 nl capped, synthetic RNAs, transcribed in vitro using the mMessage mMachine kit (Ambion).(More)
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