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A Brief Introduction to Constructive Type Theory
Martin-Lof’s Constructive Type Theory (CTT) is a formal language developed in order to reason constructively about mathematics. It is thus a formal language conceived primarily as a tool to reasonExpand
Advanced Dialogues: Play Level
This chapter will provide a more technical approach to the standard (non-CTT) dialogical framework at the play level. Expand
Aristotle's ategorical Syllogisms as Dialectical Games. Work in Progress
It is the introduction of book in Preparation on the links between Aristotle's Logic and his dialectics The main claim is that nowadays dialogical frame for logic provides the most accurateExpand
Zoe McConaughey, « Existence, Meaning and the Law of Excluded Middle.A dialogical approach to Hermann Weyl’s philosophical considerations »
Intuitionistic logic is often presented as a proof-based approach to logic, where truth is defined as having a proof. I shall stress another dimension which is also important: that of theExpand
Dialectic, the Dictum de Omni and Ecthesis
In this paper, we provide a detailed critical review of current approaches to ecthesis in Aristotle’s Prior Analytics, with a view to motivate a new approach, which builds upon previous work byExpand
Immanent Reasoning or Equality in Action: A Plaidoyer for the Play Level
abstraction absurdum application arbitrary object arbitrary reference assertion assumption Bool Boolean axiom of choice canonical Cartesian case-dependent category categorical choice computationExpand
Advanced Dialogues: Strategy Level
The strategy standpoint is but a generalisation of the procedure which is implemented at the play level; it is a systematic exposition of all the relevant variants of a game—the relevancy of the variants being determined from the viewpoint of one of the two players. Expand
The Privilege of the Attribute Thought in Spinoza's Ethics
The perplexities Spinoza's Ethics tends to produce in the reader–far from diminishing through repetition–tend to deepen as the text is read again and its understanding beomes keener. In this regard,Expand
The Remarkable Case of the Axiom of Choice
It is rightly said that the principle of set theory known as the Axiom of Choice is “probably the most interesting and in spite of its late appearance, the most discussed axiom of mathematics, secondExpand
Concluding Remarks: A Plaidoyer for the Play Level
To some extent, the criticisms the dialogical approach to logic has been subject to have provided an opportunity for clarifying its basic tenets. Moreover, our responses to the objections haveExpand