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Support vector machine (SVM) is a popular pattern classification method with many diverse applications. Kernel parameter setting in the SVM training procedure, along with the feature selection, significantly influences the classification accuracy. This study simultaneously determines the parameter values while discovering a subset of features, without(More)
Intrusion detection system (IDS) is to monitor the attacks occurring in the computer or networks. Anomaly intrusion detection plays an important role in IDS to detect new attacks by detecting any deviation from the normal profile. In this paper, an intelligent algorithm with feature selection and decision rules applied to anomaly intrusion detection is(More)
In this paper, the online learning capability and the robust property for the learning algorithms of cerebellar model articulation controllers (CMAC) are discussed. Both the traditional CMAC and fuzzy CMAC are considered. In the study, we find a way of embeding the idea of M-estimators into the CMAC learning algorithms to provide the robust property against(More)
Support vector machine (SVM) is a novel pattern classification method that is valuable in many applications. Kernel parameter setting in the SVM training process, along with the feature selection, significantly affects classification accuracy. The objective of this study is to obtain the better parameter values while also finding a subset of features that(More)
OBJECTIVE The type of data in microarray provides unprecedented amount of data. A typical microarray data of ovarian cancer consists of the expressions of tens of thousands of genes on a genomic scale, and there is no systematic procedure to analyze this information instantaneously. To avoid higher computational complexity, it needs to select the most(More)
A general weapon-target assignment (WTA) problem is to find a proper assignment of weapons to targets with the objective of minimizing the expected damage of own-force asset. Genetic algorithms (GAs) are widely used for solving complicated optimization problems, such as WTA problems. In this paper, a novel GA with greedy eugenics is proposed. Eugenics is a(More)